About Us

Nashville Cinematics focuses on producing culturally-relevant, brand-aware, story-forward video content. Founded in 2013, NashCine focuses on bringing stories to life from initial concept development to final master. With a strong background in freelance cinematography and direction, NashCine strives to find a balance between art and technology; brand and story.

Our Partners: 

Josh Moody is an awardwinning cinematographer and producer and a co-founder of NashCine.  Josh‘s credits include internationally recognized indie films as well as music videos, promotion material, and corporate content for clients such as The Boy Scouts of America, Billboard, Juice Plus, and his alma mater, Vanderbilt University.  His work has shown and won awards at film festivals both internationally and domestically, including The Nashville Film Festival, Derby Film Festival, Tupelo Film Festival, HorrorHound Weekend, TISH, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Nashville Independent Film Festival, The International Horror Hotel, & Milledgeville/Eaton.  He has been nominated for Best Cinematography at Milledgeville/Eaton, The International Horror Hotel, The Indie Gathering, the 48 Hour Film Festival, and the 54 Hour Film Festival.  His work has been featured in international magazines and trade publications specifically detailing his use of camera and lighting to augment story and can be seen on virtually every platform, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Cine Support is a 4k+ camera rental house servicing Tennessee and the southeast.  They have a wide array of cameras, accessories, lighting, grip, field audio and other production equipment to meet all your production needs.

dLab Studios is a private, yet full service mixing studio and video post production house with numerous awards earned by their staff and clients including Grammys®, Dove Awards®, Emmys®, Telly Awards®, as well as countless film festival recognitions, chart records and more.